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“In the Stubborn, Bright Sun of Polish Liberty”: Foucault in Warsaw with Remigiusz Ryziński and Sean Bye, Outsider Theory, August 2021

Podcast discussion

About this Episode
“Foucault in Warsaw,” just out in English translation from Open Letter Books, is a fascinating investigation of the time Michel Foucault spent as a cultural attaché in Warsaw in the late 1950s. The book is at once an intellectual biography of the philosopher during the pivotal year when he wrote much of his first major work, “History of Madness,” an archival detective story set amidst the records of the Polish secret police, and an oral history of the underground gay community of Communist Poland. Author Remigiusz Ryziński and translator Sean Bye join me for a discussion of the book, its various contexts, and the significance of Foucault’s Polish sojourn for the development of his thought.

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