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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Perry Zurn and I are pleased to announce that Intolerable: Writings from Michel Foucault and the Prisons Information Group (1970-1980) is to be published by the University of Minnesota Press at the end of this month. Perry and I are co-editors of the volume and Perry and Erik Beranek are the principal translators.

Intolerable UM Book Page:

In celebration, we have organized a book launch event via Zoom on Friday, September 3rd, 2:00-4:00 PM ET/6:00-8:00 PM UTC  and we want to invite all those who may be interested to attend and participate. The panelists for the session include renowned scholars from Foucault studies and critical prison studies. Please join us.

Registration is via Eventbrite:

The event is open to all, so please feel free to share this information with your networks! We’re all very much looking forward to the conversation.

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