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De Sá, F. Z.; Gastal, S. A.(2021).Mobility, immobility and a-mobility: to discuss tourism in COVID-19 times. Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa em Turismo, São Paulo,15(1), 2144.
Open access

Mobility has been revisited in recent years, associated with the themes of space, time, territory, and place, but rarely involving Tourism more directly. Analyzing Tourism under the mobility bias, broadens its theoretical scope, among others, by allowing to add to it the concepts of immobility and a-mobility. In these terms, this article aims to discuss the relations between Tourism and the triad Mobility, Immobility, and A-mobility, reviewed against the backdrop of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the issues of social isolation associated with it. The study introduces the concept of a-mobility, using the figure of the panopticon as a metaphor. The investigation procedures resume a review carried out in databases, last June, using the terms ‘Turismo’, ‘Tourism’, ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Covid-19’, when the absence of the mobility issue was observed, in the corpus resulting from the initial review. At the present time, the question of mobility is taken up again. It is going that during the Pandemic and its immediate aftermath there was a crisis of and in mobility, dramatically affecting tourism practices. The crisis implies that displacements will gain new form and content in the near future, without abandoning mobility.

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