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Dassonneville, G. Foucault, Sartre et “le malheur de la psychologie”: Une histoire des images, II
(2020) Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, 82 (1), pp. 141-172.

DOI: 10.2143/TVF.82.1.3287463

In the early 1950s, Foucault continued the project of a critique of the foundations of psychology, begun by Politzer at the turn of the 1930s and extended by Sartre in the 1940s with existential psychoanalysis. It is possible to identify a common ground between Sartrean phenomenology and Foucaultian archaeology and the French philosophical psychology inherited from Bergson. The rise of Hegelianism and Marxism in the two post-war periods and the reception of psychoanalysis determine a point of contact where the young Foucault’s reflections on the contradictions of psychology embrace the anthropological question and preserve the trace of Sartre’s readings. An attentive reading of Foucault’s writings in the 1950s, completed by the study of an unpublished document from that period entitled “Phenomenology and Psychology” (1953-1954), makes it possible to discover Foucault’s attempt to constitute a critical method presented as ‘mythology’ and to articulate it with a history of images formulated by French psycho-philosophy. © 2020 by Tijdschrift voor Filosofie. All rights reserved.

Author Keywords
Criticism of psychology; Existential psycho-analysis; Expression; Foucault; History of images; Mythology; Sartre
Language of Original Document: French

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