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Oolite Arts Announces Summer Exhibition: “Where There is Power”
MIAMI BEACH, Florida, USA, Artfix Daily, July 13, 2021

This summer starting July 21, Oolite Arts presents “Where There is Power”, an exhibition about the many ways that artists access, spy upon, expose, memorialize, and occasionally trouble the machinations of power.

Where there is power is co-organized by Amanda Bradley, programs manager at Oolite Arts, and Réne Morales, chief curator at Pérez Art Museum Miami. “When I was first invited to do the show last summer, the world really felt like it was on fire,” said Réne Morales. “Between the pandemic, the movement for Black lives, ongoing trauma from the last administration and election, and crises at the border, the societal powers that structure and regulate our lives were clearly becoming unstable. So, we wanted to put together a show that would respond to the political instability and volatility of the times.” The exhibition’s title refers to a famous quote by the philosopher Michel Foucault: “Where there is power, there is resistance.”

The Miami-based artists featured in the exhibition include José Álvarez, Asif Farooq, Edny Jean Joseph, Francisco Masó, Yucef Merhi, Reginald O’Neal, Rodolfo Peraza, Chire Regans, Tony Vázquez-Figueroa, Judi Werthein, Agustina Woodgate, Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares.

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