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Michel Foucault and the Social Contract, Chris Watkin with Stuart Elden and Mark Kelly – video of Monash discussion, 13 April 2021. Youtube video above, also available as a podcast.

My talk was entitled ‘The Yoke of Law and the Lustre of Glory’; Mark’s ‘Social Contract as Norm’.

Internationally renowned Foucault scholars Stuart Elden (Warwick University, UK) and Mark Kelly (Western Sydney University, Australia) discuss Michel Foucault’s relationship to the modern social contract idea. Followed by questions and discussion.

The seminar took place on 13 April 2021, and was hosted by Christopher Watkin (Monash University, Australia), as part of the Australian Research Council funded Future Fellowship project “Rewriting the Social Contract: Technology, Ecology, Extremism”.

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Stuart Elden (Warwick University), ‘The Yoke of Law and the…

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