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“To the extent that, in spite of everything, I was an academic, a professor of philosophy, what remained of traditional philosophical discourse disturbed me in the work I had done on madness. There is a lingering Hegelianism there. To exhibit objects as derisory as police reports, internment procedures, and the cries of the mad is not enough to exit from philosophy. For me Nietzsche, Bataille, Blanchot and Klossowski were ways of exiting from philosophy.

In the violence of Bataille, in the sort of insidious and disturbing softness of Blanchot, in Klossowski’s spirals, there was something that began with philosophy, put it into play and into question, then left it, and returned again…Something like the theory of breaths in Klossowski is connected by God knows how many threads to the entirety of Western philosophy. And then, through the staging, the formulation, the way in which all that functions in Le Baphomet…

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