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The new issue of Philosophical Inquiries (IX, 1-2021)  features a Focus section discussing Ian Hacking’s philosophy,  his arguments on the combination between history and philosophy of science, on experimental realism, on scientific stability and on the disunity of the sciences. The Focus section is edited by Matteo Vagelli and Marica Setaro. The issue also presents Gaston Bachelard’s introduction to his Le rationalisme appliqué translated into English for the first time.

[Focus section]
Ian Hacking and the Historical Reason of the Sciences

Matteo Vagelli and Marica Setaro

David Hyder
Naturalism, Pragmatism and Historical Epistemology

Manolis Simos and Theodore Arabatzis
Ian Hacking’s metahistory of science

Massimiliano Simons and Matteo Vagelli
Were experiments ever neglected? Ian Hacking and the history of philosophy of experiment

Jacqueline Sullivan
Understanding stability in cognitive neuroscience through Hacking’s lens

[Past Present]

Lucie Fabry
Le rationalisme appliqué. A dialogical philosophy: Bachelard’s “Introduction” to Le Rationalisme appliqué

Gaston Bachelard
The dialogical philosophy. La philosophie dialoguée

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