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Zajda, J. Discourse analysis as a qualitative methodology
(2020) Educational Practice and Theory, 42 (2), pp. 5-21.

DOI: 10.7459/ept/42.2.02

The article analyses the term discourse and discourse analysis with reference to Foucault and other critics. Foucault used the role of discourses in wider social processes of legitimating power, and emphasizing the construction of current truths. The article argues that discourse analysis, as employed by Foucault, concentrated on analysing power relationships in society, as expressed through language and social practices. The article examines the use of genealogy, where Foucault attempted to trace the beginnings of internalised moral behaviour, or a reflexive relation to the self in human beings. Examples are presented of various approaches to discourse analysis, including deconstruction and preferred reading and interpretation of the text. The article concludes with the evaluation of discourse analysis as a qualitative methodology. © 2020 James Nicholas Publishers.

Author Keywords
Discourse; Discourse analysis; Foucault; Genealogy; Identity; Ideology; Power

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