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Di Gesu A. The Cynic Scandal: Parrhesia, Community, and Democracy. Theory, Culture & Society. January 2021.

The aim of this article is to study parrhesia as a form of political performativity. The study of parrhesia as a speech act has been inaugurated by the researches of Lorenzini, who has proposed an in-depth analysis of the parrhesiastic speech act: we nonetheless believe that some features of parrhesiastic performativity urge us to broaden some aspects of his theory. In the first section of this article we will study the nature of parrhesiastic utterance, where Lorenzini’s theses will be discussed through the use of Butler’s approach. In the second section, we will examine the characteristics of Cynic performativity through our theoretical framework, in order to give an example of its effectiveness. We will put forward, then, an overall interpretation of parrhesia, which will be redefined as a communitarian performativity and, furthermore, as an innovative model of radical democracy.

Butler, community, Foucault, performativity, radical democracy

One thought on “Di Gesu, A. The Cynic Scandal: Parrhesia, Community, and Democracy (2021)

  1. PARRHESIA if studied as #Foucault intended GENEALOGICALLY can move from uttered speech to written speech and images at RISK OF LIFE! So I include #Assange and #Snowden among some others imprisoned now. BOTH Assange and Snowden are PARRHESIASTES! Uttered speech in our time would be insufficient to qualify, The Act of Parrhesia to reach millions had to be morphed. Am I the only one who gets this, Theoretics dont? Why?Foucault’s ancient examples of Parrhesia actually did copy each other exactly but changed with time.


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