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Progressive Geographies

On 7 January 2021 I’ll be part of a panel discussion for the Abolition Democracy 13/13 series, hosted by Bernard E. Harcourt at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought, and co-organised with Daniele Lorenzini of The Centre for Research in Post-Kantian European Philosophy at Warwick. We will be discussing Foucault’s 1972-73 lecture course The Punitive Society. Before the event, which will be live-streamed, participants have been asked to post a short piece about one or more ideas in the course. I’ve written a piece entitled ‘From Dynastics to Genealogy‘, which is a synopsis of a longer piece in progress.

It can be read here, and the other contributions from Goldie Osuri, Daniele Lorenzini, Bernard Harcourt, Rahsaan Thomas and others here. That last link has all the details of how to follow the discussion.

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