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Moreno Pestaña, J.L.
Oedipus Rex as a philosophical and political strategy
(2020) Sociological Review, 68 (5), pp. 1092-1107.

DOI: 10.1177/0038026119900117

This article studies Michel Foucault’s interpretation of the tragedy Oedipus Rex. The analysis seeks to uncover the various intellectual strategies around his study. First, Foucault takes a position in the political debate about prisons in France in the early 1970s. Second, his analysis of the tragedy contributes to position his work in the field of the philosophical history of truth, by singularising his project and separating it from the dominant models of the history of philosophy. Third, Foucault aims to differentiate himself from the results of the historical work of the Paris School. This article analyses how Foucault depends on these interpretations and how it helps him to acquire philosophical relevance. Through the sociology of intellectual history’s perspective, the article elaborates the contributions and limits of Foucault’s perspective. © The Author(s) 2020.

Author Keywords
Michel Foucault; political philosophy; sociology of intellectuals; sociology of knowledge; sociology of philosophy

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