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Conneely, M., Higgs, P. & Moncrieff, J. Medicalising the moral: the case of depression as revealed in internet blogs. Soc Theory Health (2020).

DOI: 10.1057/s41285-020-00141-1

Depression is regularly declared to be equivalent to a bodily illness, yet critics have long contested this ‘medical’ view of mental disorders. Following the ideas of Szasz and Foucault, we describe an alternative ‘moral’ view of depression, which emphasises the agency of the individual and presents depression as a potentially problematic but meaningful response that can be regarded as an aspect of character.

We use popular internet blogs by people with depression to explore these contrasting conceptions, which can also be found in other research and information on depression. In blogs, the medical view is used to challenge what bloggers perceive as a persistently influential moral view, by deflecting criticism and responsibility and disowning unwanted aspects of the self. At the same time, bloggers make positive use of the moral concept of depression when discussing recovery. The moral view enables people to take active steps to address their difficulties and to integrate the experience of depression into their understanding of themselves in a challenging yet rewarding process of personal development. We suggest that the moral view of depression represents an enduring aspect of our understanding of ourselves, which the medical view has been superimposed onto, but has not managed to suppress.

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