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front_coverAnna Krakus and Cristina Vatulescu, “Foucault in Poland: A Secret Archive“, Diacritics, Vol 47 No 2, 2020.

It seems to be open access at present. It’s a great piece on an important year in Foucault’s life – I was lucky enough to see a version before publication.

Michel Foucault relished telling a Cold War story: in 1959, the Polish secret police “trapped him by using a young translator” and then “demanded his departure” from Poland, where he had arrived less than a year before as director of the French Cultural Center. This article investigates the archival traces surrounding this honey trap story, as well as the many baffling and instructive archival silences. Our research in French and Polish archives, including the former secret police archives, tracks the vertiginous relationships between documents, events, non-events, rumors, and ellipses. We use the Foucault in (and especially out of) Poland story…

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