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Sauka, A. (2020). The Nature of Our Becoming: Genealogical Perspectives. Le Foucaldien, 6(1), 4. DOI: 10.16995/lefou.71

Open access

In the light of Philipp Sarasin’s work in Darwin und Foucault: Genealogie und Geschichte im Zeitalter der Biologie, the article delineates a genealogically articulated naturally produced culture and a cultured nature and discusses the genealogical implications of a carnal, becoming self in a world that could rightly be justified “as an aesthetical phenomenon.” The article demonstrates the historicity and processual materiality as a conceptual platform for a combination of the notions of experienced carnality and a socially constructed body, demonstrating such a historically embedded carnal body as a binding agent for the “social constructivist” and “biologist” approaches in sciences. Thus, the article builds a framework for the articulation of senseful, processual materiality on the backdrop of a nature-culture continuum via genealogy, suggesting the necessity for change of tone in the communication of human and life sciences via the understanding of a culturally endowed biology.

Keywords: genealogy, nature, culture, carnal body, becoming

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