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François Delaporte, Disease and Civilization. The Cholera in Paris, 1832, Translated by Arthur Goldhammer. Foreword by Paul Rabinow, 1986, MIT Press

Disease and Civilization explores the scientific and political ramifications of the great cholera epidemic of 1832, showing how its course and its conceptualization were affected by the social power relations of the time. The epidemic which claimed the lives of 18,000 people in Paris alone, was a watershed in the history of medicine: In France, it shook the complacency of a medical establishment that thought it had the means to prevent any onslaught and led to a revolution in the concept of public health.

One thought on “François Delaporte, Disease and Civilization. The Cholera in Paris, 1832 (1986)

  1. Please keep posting
    All very interesting and Foucault provides fascinating way to view Covid_19 especially in the pervading economic and political populist disposif along with some very troubling parrhesia

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