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Editor: A very useful – and growing – list of references put together by Stuart Elden on the Progressive Geographies blog. I have now added a new “Pandemic” category to Foucault News.

Geographers, sociologists, philosophers etc. on covid-19

Several A few pieces by geographers, sociologists and philosophers – presented without commentary.

First posted 24 March 2020; last updated 27 March 2020. Thanks to those who have sent additional ones, especially Michael O’Rourke.

A much more extensive, chronologically ordered, and five-language list is available from The Thomas Project.


2 thoughts on “Geographers, sociologists, philosophers etc. on covid-19. List of references on the Progressive Geographies blog

  1. A bit of a rant – I’m sorry, this haste to jump on the Covid 9 bandwagon is slightly repugnant. To think needs time and not just regurgitating stuff as seemingly relevant. If not already mentioned, I would suggest re-reading Michel Serres’ La Parasite (1980) for starting to understand how viruses permeate biological, social and academic life.


  2. Adam Peter Lang says:

    Thank you for this useful list as I reflect on Foucault and this pandemic.
    Am using my daily, local bike exercise ride to compare & contrast two spaces in London , Shepherds Bush Green ( made news last week with police charging around with megaphones) SBG & Holland Park HP 1 stop apart on the tube just over a mile on my bike. Am documenting with photos. Illuminating ! A tale of 2 cities . How do pandemics affect the urban poor, needy and socially disadvantaged. How do some quickly learn ‘the rules of the game’. What does it mean to be a citizen ? How is the state acting to protect/control its population ? What of biopolitics ? How is coronavirus policy made, developed, enacted and played out ?


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