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Progressive Geographies

Michel Foucault, Binswanger et l’analyse existentielle, edited by Elisabetta Basso – EHESS/Gallimard/Seuil, forthcoming April 2020. Nothing on the publisher sites yet, but it is listed in online bookstores. More details when available.

This is a substantial text by Foucault which seems to have begun as a course at Lille, but is developed into a more polished manuscript, which may have been intended as a thesis. Foucault published a long introduction to Binswanger’s ‘Dream and Existence’ in 1954, but this manuscript is distinct from that work. This edition is part of a new  series of publications from Foucault’s archive before the Collège de France. It is the second to be published, after the two courses on sexuality that appeared in late 2018. I discuss this text in The Early Foucault, and it will be good to have an edited version of this manuscript available before I complete that book.

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