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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

materiali foucaultiani
volume VII, number 13-14 (January-December 2018)


Il cantiere archeologico e la questione della critica (pp. 4-8)
Laura Cremonesi, Orazio Irrera, Daniele Lorenzini, Martina Tazzioli

The final Foucault and Education

Introduction. The final Foucault and Education (pp. 9-27)
Roberto Serpieri, Emiliano Grimaldi, Stephen J. Ball

Foucault and Neoliberalism. A response to recent critics and a new resolution (pp. 28-55)
Mark Olssen

Foucault, Trump and Free Speech. Democracy and True Discourse (pp. 56-74)
Michael A. Peters, Tina Besley

The Culture of Education. Ancient Cynicism and “the scandal of the truth” (pp. 75-92)
Ansgar Allen

Foucault et la métamorphose éducative (pp. 93-112)
Didier Moreau

School, pedagogy and Foucault’s undefined work of freedom (pp. 113-133)
Maarten Simons, Jan Masschelein

Education as a dispositif, subjectivation and the late Foucault (pp. 134-148)
Francesco Cappa

Post-Education and Ethical Government (pp. 149-187)
Roberto Serpieri

Il coraggio della verità. Per una critica parresiastica del sistema d’istruzione (pp. 188-208)
Eleonora de Conciliis

Il governo di sé e del sapere fra valutazione e parrhesia (pp. 209-231)
Emiliano Bevilacqua, Davide Borrelli


Confession and Avowal in Foucault’s early work, 1954-1972 (pp. 232-252)
Andrea Teti

Foucault lecteur de saint Augustin (pp. 253-272)
Ákos Cseke

Dall’Antropologia all’«ontologia critica di noi stessi»: l’eredità kantiana in Foucault attraverso le figure di Heidegger e Nietzsche (pp. 273-288)
Anna Ceschi

Logica e pratica dell’inchiesta. Romano Alquati e Michel Foucault (pp. 289-303)
Matteo Polleri

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