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foucault1.jpgI’ve updated the chronology of audio and video recordings of Foucault online. There are some additional ones here, and I’ve tried to fix any broken links. Please let me know if any are broken – videos seem to disappear, especially from YouTube, and some online repositories change their links but don’t make it easy to find things in the new ordering.

The only one I think is missing a live link in this list is the interview with Umberto Eco and Enzo Melandri. If anyone has the link for this, I’d be grateful.

I’d also appreciate links for any that I haven’t spotted.

There are lots more Foucault resources on this site – bibliographies, audio and video files, some textual comparisons, some short translations, etc.

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One thought on “Foucault audio and video recordings online – updated and links fixed

  1. dmf says:
    In Supervise and punish, Foucault speaks of “three technologies of power”


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