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Progressive Geographies

Kant.jpgThankfully, this book manuscript has been the main focus again of work over the past month.

I’ve been continuing to work on Foucault’s relation to Dumézil, on Foucault’s time in Warsaw and Hamburg, and other things in the later 1950s. I had a couple of days in Paris where I was able to resolve a lot of small issues with texts that I can’t access in the UK, as well as return to a box of materials at the archive. Work included rechecking material on microfilm and newspapers, tiny details that perhaps cumulatively add up to something. Following up a reference in one of Didier Eribon’s studies led me to a text that isn’t in any of the Foucault anthologies and which I’d previously not known about. No UK libraries seem to have a copy, but I found a second-hand copy online, so that’s on the way.

For the last…

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One thought on “The Early Foucault Update 27: Paris, Wales, Kant

  1. thank you so much for your work on Foucault.


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