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Shech, Singapore Prison Service’s choice of name for its newsletter draws flak, The Independent, Singapore September 16, 2019

Singapore — Concerned netizens and academics alike were not happy with the Singapore Prison Service’s (SPS) choice of name for their quarterly newsletter.

The newsletter is currently called the Panopticon, an architectural infrastructure with a loaded concept.

The Panopticon newsletter was named as such in 2009 and was intended to allows inmates to be effectively and efficiently supervised.

The newsletter was made available for public access on the SPS website in July 2019.

“The features of the Panopticon are seen in many modern prisons today, and the name is consistent with SPS’ mission to ensure the secure custody of offenders, while at the same time rehabilitating them,” according to the SPS spokesperson.

The SPS stated that they will be conducting a review to rename the newsletter following the backlash.

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