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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Niesche R., Gowlett C. (2019) Social, Critical and Political Theories for Educational Leadership. Series: Educational Leadership Theory. Springer, Singapore

This book makes the case for the continued and expanded use of social, critical and political theories in the field of educational leadership. It helps readers understand educational leadership by introducing them to a wide variety of theoretical and philosophical approaches and positions. The book incorporates a rich blend of ideas and concepts, and compares and contrasts the approaches discussed.

Table of contents (7 chapters)

Why Use Social, Critical and Political Theories in Educational Leadership?

Critical Perspectives in Educational Leadership: A New ‘Theory Turn’?

Michel Foucault and Discourses of Educational Leadership

Using Judith Butler to Queer(y) Educational Leadership

Bernard Stiegler: Technics and Educational Leadership as a Form of Psycho-Power

Entangling Karen Barad with/in Educational Leadership

The Inescapable Connection Between Theory and Practice

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