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One thought on “A Critique of Stephen Hicks’ “Explaining Postmodernism” (2018)

  1. TS says:

    I am a scientist, reading philosophy as a hobby.

    I agree Hicks might have misinterpreted some of the works. For example, I don’t agree how he interpreted Kuhn. However, I have to say, ideas are open to interpretation, you cannot prevent people from misinterpreting ideas. Misinterpreted modernism ideas lead to some bad things (e.g. Foucault’s books described some of those), but not nearly as bad as “misinterpreting” Marx (I am from China.) The question is, anyone in power has ever interpreted Marx correctly?

    Misinterpreting post-modern is also dangerous, but unavoidable. Scientists in my field has already figured out “reality is too complicated, it is meaningless to even discuss it! we just want to get some idea” because so, they avoid making hypothesis/claims that are open to testing, therefore hypothesis/testing became irrelevant.. Without hypothesis/testing, you can say good bye to new discoveries. So what is left? let’s deconstruct already established big theories, to explore its meanings. As a result, all meanings are correct, just correct in different ways…. we don’t want to offend each other, we don’t criticize, ……. we COEXIST peacefully.

    No, I don’t believe these scientists ever heard the word of “post-modern”, let alone read any philosophy, but they certainly saw bumper stickers of COEXIST, home decor of BEE NICE buzz, and all these “you hurt my feelings” shows ….. and they acted, unintentionally, prioritize not offending feelings over pursuing objective truth. When faced with disagreement, these smart ass soon found the next logical question to ask : whose feeling is more important — not people of color, because having independent thinking is not a characteristics of the group identity of people or color, so sorry, not included.


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