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Cseke, Á. (2019). Au sujet de l’édition de Michel Foucault, Le courage de la vérité. Quelques remarques du traducteur hongrois. Le Foucaldien, 5(1), 2.
DOI: 10.16995/lefou.58

Open access. Article in French

This article examines the text edition of the last course that Michel Foucault delivered at the Collège de France before his death in 1984 (Le courage de la vérité, 2009). Based on the author’s own translation of Foucault’s lectures into Hungarian, it aims to show and to analyze some technical and philological difficulties, problems and/or questions regarding the French edition of the text as well as their reappearance in the English, German and Italian translation of Le courage de la vérité.

Keywords: Foucault, Gros, The courage of truth, translation, text edition

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