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Editor: After the terrible news of the fire and because the banner of Foucault News is an image of Le Stryge, one of the chimera on top of Notre-Dame, I am reposting the photo below which appeared on the Facebook page of La Cinémathèque française. This article on the BBC news site lists what has survived and what hasn’t.

Update 2/5/19. It would appear the chimera, notably Le Stryge in the banner, didn’t survive – but a Dutch company has already put together a 3D print.

Claude Mauriac in his memoir Le Temps Immobile describes watching Maurice Clavel, the journalist, playwright and author lecturing on Foucault at Notre-Dame, praising his anti-humanist Kantian stance in The Order of Things. (David Macey, The Lives of Michel Foucault, Penguin Random House, p.192)

Donations are already flooding in to rebuild the cathedral.
Déjà plus de 750 millions d’euros de dons pour reconstruire Notre-Dame, L’Obs, 16 April 2019

An interesting and beautifully written philosophical and moral reflection with the signature ‘Un curé de campagne en visite à Paris’, provoked by the experience of being in Paris during the fire.
Sauvons la cathédrale du cœur. Pour un autre usage de Notre-Dame-de-Paris, Lundimatin, 16 April 2019.

What interested me in the article below was not so much the account of Donald Trump’s latest exploits as the description of the technical expertise needed to fight the fire.
Experts deride Trump’s Notre Dame firefighting advice as ‘risible’, The Guardian, 17 April 2019.
Guillermo Rein, professor of fire science at Imperial College in London, praised the work of the French firefighters.

“The fire brigade had to be aggressive fighting the big roof fire with the aerial ladders designed for high-rise buildings, but at the same time be gentle with the vulnerable structure of the stone vaults and walls. They did a fine job, and how they tackled this fire will probably be studied in the years ahead.”

With thanks to Luca Paltrinieri for posting the three informative links above on his Facebook page.

For a photo of the chimera looking down on the fire, see the ‘about’ page on this blog.

Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)

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