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Art and craft: Sinquefield Prize winner combines history with theory and simplicity By Elena K. Cruz, Columbia Daily Tribune
Posted Dec 21, 2018

Schroeder won for his composition “genealogy I.” Although he has a history with rock ‘n’ roll, the piece’s restraint made it stand out, said Jacob Gotlib, Mizzou New Music managing director and a judge for the first of two rounds of submissions.

“We were very impressed by the level of detail in the music and the way he focused on the quality of the instrumental sounds and the sensitivity that he had toward the individual sounds of each instrument and how they combined with each other,” Gotlib said.

“He had a very detailed and sensitive ear, I thought particularly, and so we thought that was very strong and very sophisticated.”

Schroeder’s piece was written for piano, violin and cello, and took influence from folk music, philosopher Michel Foucault and an observation of colonialism’s impact on history, Schroeder said.

“What he was doing was challenging the norms of the power structures of history, which is something that Foucault loved to do. But he proposed a problem but not a solution because it’s so unviable to do these sorts of things,” Schroeder said. “What the piece aims to do is try to start from these points of little blips of history that come into history, these unconnected events, and merge them into some sort of narrative that’s not linear or directional or all these things that are problematic about archaeology.”

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