Foucault News

News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

19th Annual Meeting of the Foucault Circle

Stonehill College
North Easton, MA, USA

April 5-7, 2019

Friday, April 5th  


Session 1: Confessions of the Flesh & A Preface to Transgression

Wencheng Zhu, Southeast University

Confession or Sign of Subjectivation?: Libido in Foucault’s Les Aveux de la Chair

Daniel Schultz, Oberlin College

Sex as the Seismograph of Subjectivity: Foucault’s Christian Archive

Charles Clements, Tufts University

Where There’s a Will There’s No Gay: Futurity and Nonknowledge in Foucault’s Reading of Bataille

Saturday, April 6th


Session 2: Archeology, History, and the Rational

Alex J. Feldman, Penn State University

The Real and the Rational in Foucault’s 1978 Debate with the Historians

Robert Leib, Florida Atlantic University

From a Priori History to Paradigmatic Ontology: Reconsidering Philosophical Archaeology from Kant to Agamben


Session 3: Genealogy and Subjugated Knowledges

Rebecca Longtin, SUNY, New Paltz

Formations and Transformations of the Sensible in Foucault, Rancière, and Wynter

Taryn Jordan, Emory University & Haylee Harrell, Emory University

“Black Foucault”: A Discussion of Genealogy as a Real Problem and a Real Possibility in Black Studies

Rosa Acevedo, University of Oregon

Limits and Paradoxes of Foucault’s Genealogy of Marginalized Lives

12:45-2pm: Lunch


Session 4: Abolition and Incarceration

Joy James, Williams College

The Architects of Contemporary Abolitionism: George Jackson, Angela Davis, and Michel Foucault

Selin Islekel, Loyola Marymount University

Life Without Parole, Death By Incarceration: Biopolitical Aesthetics of the Penitentiary

Joel Michael Reynolds, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Ontological Incarceration: Toward a Genealogy of the Human Genome Project


Round-table Discussion: Foucault and Christianity

James Bernauer, Boston College | Jared Highlen, Boston College| Steven Ogden, Charles Sturt University

5:45-6:30: Business Meeting

7pm: Dinner

Sunday, April 7th


Session 5: Animality, Religiosity, and Spectral Dreams
Dayne Alexander, Emory University

Animality, Logic and Murmur: Spiraling with the Animal in Michel Foucault’s History of Madness.

Adrian Switzer, Colby College

Aestheticized Transcendence, Archaeological Unreason: The Religiosity of History of Madness

Nicole Ridgway, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Spectral Dreams, Fugitive Pleasures: Art as an Ethical Event of Thought


Session 6: Illegalisms and Dispositifs

Delio Vasquez, University of California, Santa Cruz

Foucault on Political Crime: Towards a Unified Theory of Illegalisms

Ricky Crano, Tufts University

Can There Be a Digital Dispositif?: Visuality and Discourse in the Age of Telematic Culture

Travel to Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts 

Here is a link to the Stonehill College web-page with a campus map and directions to the College:

Stonehill College is approximately 20 miles south of Boston, MA and 25 miles north of Providence, RI.  Book flights into Boston Logan International Airport or TF Green Airport outside Providence.

Unfortunately, there is no public transit from either airport or either city to Stonehill College.  From the airport use Uber or Lyft ($40-50 each way) or rent a car.  We suggest coordinating travel with other conference attendees in order to share rides and costs.


The Marriott Residence Inn in Brockton/Easton (508-583-3600, ) has held a block of rooms at rate of $129 plus taxes for a studio and $139 for a suite.  This rate will be held until March 5th.  Call the hotel directly and let them know that you are traveling for the Stonehill Meeting of the Foucault Circle to get the special rate.  The hotel about a 2 mile walk to the campus location of the conference in Alumni Auditorium.  We are working to see if we can arrange a ride to and from the hotel (more information about that coming).  I will update this information with other local lodging options.

Some may wish to stay in Boston during the conference.  Depending on traffic conditions and starting point in the city it can take between 35 and 60 minutes to drive to Stonehill.

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