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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Special Issue: Processes of Subjectivation: Biopolitics and the Politics of Literature, Comparative Literature and Culture 20.4 (2018)_ Issue 20.4 (December 2018)
Ed. Azucena G. Blanco

The Eventualization of Political Thinking: From the Arab Revolutions to the Trump Era
Oscar Barroso

The Composition of History: a Critical Point of View of Michel Foucault’s Archaeology
Javier Gálvez Aguirre

“The Politics of Literature in Michel Foucault: Veridiction, Fiction and Desire”
Azucena G. Blanco

From Biopolitics to Biopoetics: a Hypothesis on the Relationship between Life and Writing
Julieta Yelin

Jewish Mysticism from Borges to Cirlot: a Transatlantic Approach to the Possibility of a Non-Subject Subjectivity
Erika Martínez

Literature of the Self in Foucault: Parrhesia and Autobiographical Discourse
Álvaro Luque

From Subjection to Dispossession: Butler’s Recent Performative Thought on Foucault’s Latest Work
Elisa Cabrera

Regaining the Subject: Foucault and the Frankfurt School on Critical Subjectivity
Miguel Alirangues

Of the Processes of Subjectivation as a Subspecies of the Event: the Deleuzian Reading of the Later Foucault
Francisco J. Alcalá

Foucault and the Recommencement of Philosophy
Javier de la Higuera

Courage and Passion in the Reading of the Later Foucault of the Cynics
Inmaculada Hoyos Sanchez

4 thoughts on “Special Issue: Processes of Subjectivation: Biopolitics and the Politics of Literature (2018)

  1. phljelph says:

    Thank you Clare!

    We’re always very impressed by you wonderful collection and updates. We wish you a happy and promising new year!

    Best wishes, x

    Peter and Alvaro

    1. Clare O'Farrell says:

      Dear Peter and Alvaro, Thank you for this lovely comment. With all my best wishes for the new year in return.

  2. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:
    Special issue on Processes of Subjectivation: Biopolitics and the Politics of Literature – open access

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