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Foucault and Eribon 1982 - Le départ du prophète (on André Baudry)

This text was first published in Libération, July 12, 1982, p. 14 (pdf). There it is signed ‘DE’, and follows an interview with Didier Eribon with André Baudry. Readers would assume that ‘DE’ meant Didier Eribon, but in his book Michel Foucault et ses contemporains, Paris: Fayard, 1994, pp. 274-77, Eribon says that it was actually written by Foucault.

Eribon reproduces Foucault’s text on pp. 280-81 of his book, and the interview with Baudry which it accompanied, on pp. 278-79. But I was curious to see the text in its original form, and thought others might be too. As Eribon notes, there is a difference between the original and published text. It’s a minor contribution to an understanding of Foucault’s political views in the 1980s – Arcadie was a journal and organisation campaigning for gay rights.

There are several other uncollected notes, lectures and interviews by Foucault here

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