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Our story began when Kai, an adjunct professor of sociology, became enthusiastic about the new idea of academic streetwear. Once he met Eva, an award-winning fashion designer with similarly oriented thoughts, the idea began to take off. Diiple was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in the summer of 2016.

Dispositif teeshirt

We like to think that Diiple – a name that breathes Nordic spirit with its double i’s (think about the word skiing!) – is not only a lifestyle brand but also an academic community. At least this is what we are striving for! Although our slogan says that we are passionate about academic streetwear, we also see ourselves as part of a larger celebration of nonconformist, radical, and original thought.

We especially celebrate some of the rare individuals who created their own values and concepts to get a better understanding of our contemporary condition. It is our intention to create a growing set of examples so we can examine some of the most iconoclastic achievements in the different fields of theory and culture. Please visit our Studies section to read about our reasoning and analyses for choosing these particular individuals.

Governmentality teeshirt

We see ourselves as unique, and we do not expect to please everyone. However, when it comes to our products, we refuse to compromise on quality. We hope to become the natural first choice in academic streetwear – a name we invented. To become a true community, however, we need your help. Together we can create a superb site largely based on your suggestions for new products as well as new studies.

Kind regards, Kai and Eva
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See also this post on Diiple’s blog: Trials and errors in Academic Streetwear

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