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Dancing Gender

I’m a lecturer in Psychology and I’ve used Foucauldian discourse analysis (FDA) in my own research on masculinity and health. On 2nd May 2018 I led a FDA workshop for staff and PhD students at St.Mary’s University. A video of the workshop is below, and might be of use to qualitative researchers considering using or teaching discourseanalysis.

Building on Michel Foucault’s work on power, discourse, knowledge and language, FDA offers critical analyses of a range of multi-media texts, practices and social interactions.

In the workshop, participants explored the key principles of social constructionism and Foucault’s work which underpin this method. Workshop participants then worked in small groups to analyse a contemporary pop video by ‘Plan B’. The workshop concluded with a discussion of how the method could be integrated into the workshop participants’ ongoing research.

Workshop Resources:

A Theoretical and Hands-on Introduction to Foucauldian Discourse Analysis –…

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