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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Como Tapes is a non-profit public press based in Burlington, VT and Cherry Hill, NJ trying to put out strange music and other songs in a freeing way on cassettes.

From their Manifesto…

more thoughts re: Como Tapes
updated sept. 2015

Okay, so… last time we spoke (see below) I described the DIY tape label as a sort of ‘micropolitical technology ‘ (callinicos 1989) thru which we might resist the suffoc8ing practices of a capitalist hegemony by creating/distributing art ‘valid on its own terms’ (d+g 1987) that operates in the logics of local systems that don’t tessellate that nicely with larger market operations. After running this thing for another five months tbh i am not wholly convinced that this is the case.
So if we want to be anti-corporate actually we have stop acting like just a poorly-run corporation; we need 2 define a new approach. foucault had an interview w/ a french gay magazine in the early ‘80s where he was talking about why the establishment feels so threatened by homosexuality. “To imagine a sex act that doesn’t conform to law or nature is not what disturbs people,” but instead, he suggests, it is “the formation of new alliances and the tying together of unforeseen lines of force” that relations of love between those who are not institutionally expected to love each other can open up. tho the case may seem less relevant in light of the more open/intensified concepts of queerness more widely unpacked today, the point is still compelling: when people relate with each other in ways that are not institutionally informed, it opens up new ways of understanding and practicing the interpersonal.

what mf gets at here is friendship — “freely chosen, defined, and negotiated” as jim igoe put it, as a powerful subversive force*. a friendship is p much the only space where you can write your own rules, or it’s the only inter-personal institution that you actually have a meaningful role in writing the rules. Friendship “introduce[s] love where there’s supposed to be only law, rule, or habit” (foucault ‘81) and in that way necessitates that its volunteers to act out what ashton crawley (2014) calls “ the inventive impulse ” through which they “invent from A to Z a relationship that is still formless” (foucault)

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