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I began 2018 with some shorter pieces to write, which took me away from the focus on The Early Foucault, even though two of them were on Foucault. First was a piece for the American Book Review, which is hosting a set of pieces on ‘Critical Lives’, edited by Robert Tally. I was asked to write something on Foucault, but while with most of the other pieces there is a new biography to review, that isn’t the case here – Miller and Macey’s biographies appeared 25 years ago, while the English translation of Eribon’s book is older still. Eribon’s biography has however appeared in two new editions in French, with additional material. I wrote a piece about how the posthumous publications by Foucault have added to the story we know of his work and, to a much lesser extent, of his life. This short piece should be out…

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