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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

18th Annual Meeting of the Foucault Circle
John Carroll University
Cleveland, OH
April 6-8, 2018

Foucault Circle homepage:
For more information please contact Edward McGushin

Friday, April 6th

3:30-5pm: Visit to Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA): gallery tour
6pm: optional social event at CMA

Dinner on your own

Saturday, April 7th:

8:30am: Coffee and light breakfast

Session #1: Speaking, writing, feeling

Michael Eng, John Carroll University
Foucault, Blanchot, and Deleuze: Writing the Outside in the University

Lauren Guilmette, Florida Atlantic University
We Tend to Feel: Foucault, Fictions, and the Present-Day Politics of Personal Feeling

Marcelo Hoffman
From Public Silence to Public Protest: Michel Foucault at the University of São Paulo in 1975

11-11:15am Break

Session #2: (Managing) bodies

Juniper Alcorn
Is Pregnancy Biopolitical?

Devonya N. Havis, Canisius College and Melissa Mosko
Managing Individuals and Populations through Psychiatric Classification

Chloë Taylor, University of Alberta
Alimentary Monstrosity

1:15-2:15: lunch

Session #3: Manet and the Object of Painting

3:45-4 Break

Session #4: Foucault and Baldwin

Corey McCall, Elmira College
Prophets in Spite of Themselves: Michel Foucault, James Baldwin, and Intellectual Praxis

Erica Nelson, Florida Atlantic University
Coercive Coming Out

5:30-6:30pm Business meeting

7:00pm Dinner

Sunday, April 8th

8:30am: Coffee and light breakfast

Session #5: Truth and post-truth

Lynne Huffer, Emory University
Post-Truth American Grotesque: Foucault, Ubu, Trump

Rylin Johnson, Emory University
Descartes and Cynical Embodiment: On Cartesianism in the Late Foucault

Amie Zimmer, University of Oregon
The Modern Cynic: Foucault’s Manet

11-11:15 Break

Session #6: Violence, power, resistance

Erinn Gilson, University of North Florida
Practices of Self-Relation and Relations of Solidarity

Steven G Ogden, Charles Sturt University
Foucault’s Violence: Political Rationality and Embodied Subjectivity

Brad Elliott Stone, Loyola Marymount University
Blood On Our Minds, Blood On Our Hands

Optional lunch for people staying in town or with late flights

2 thoughts on “18th Annual Meeting of the Foucault Circle program (2018)

  1. janet gelein says:

    Please advise: how does one register for this conference and what is the cost?

    1. Clare O'Farrell says:

      Hi Janet
      Have added a contact email to post.

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