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By Catherine M. Soussloff
University of Minnesota Press | 176 pages | November 2017

ISBN 978-1-5179-0242-1| paper | $25.00
ISBN 978-1-5179-0241-4 | cloth | $100.00

Catherine M. Soussloff argues that Michel Foucault’s sustained engagement with European art history critically addresses present concerns about the mediated nature of the image in the digital age. She explores the meaning of painting for Foucault’s philosophy, and for contemporary art theory, proposing a new relevance for a Foucauldian view of ethics and the pleasures and predicaments of contemporary existence.

“Catherine Soussloff is certainly one of the most intellectually intelligent and reflective art historians I can think of. Foucault on Painting is a clear, deeply thoughtful, and perfectly written contribution to the important field of intersect between art and philosophy.” —James Rubin, Stony Brook University

Catherine M. Soussloff is professor of art history, visual art, and theory at the University of British Columbia. She is editor of Foucault on the Arts and Letters and author of The Subject in Art (Minnesota, 1997).

For more information, including the table of contents, visit the book’s webpage:

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