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Marey, M.
A Political Defence of Kant’s Aufklärung: An Essay
(2017) Critical Horizons, 18 (2), pp. 168-185.

DOI: 10.1080/14409917.2017.1293894

The aim of this essay is to analyse the potential for political emancipation that lies within Kant’s conception of Aufklärung, in critical dialogue with enlightenment critics and specialised Kantian literature. My thesis is that Kant’s concept of enlightenment is intrinsically political and so it must be studied from the point of view of his political philosophy, which was fully developed in the decade of the 1790s. From this standpoint, I propose we study the role and place of Aufklärung within Kant’s central political thesis, to wit: that only the united will of the people can be a legitimate authority. © 2017, © Critical Horizons Pty Ltd 2017.

Author Keywords
Adorno and Horkheimer; enlightenment; Foucault; Kant; popular sovereignty

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