Foucault News

News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

The Southern Journal of Philosophy, Special Issue: Critical Histories of the Present, September 2017, Volume 55, Issue Supplement S1. Pages 1–209

Editor’s Introduction: Critical Histories of the Present (pages 5–6)
Verena Erlenbusch

Overcoming “The Present Limits of the Necessary”: Foucault’s Conception of a Critique (pages 7–24)
Tuomo Tiisala

Comments on Tuomo Tiisala, “Overcoming ‘The Present Limits of the Necessary’: Foucault’s Conception of a Critique” (pages 25–30)
Maia Nahele Huff-Owen

“Psychoanalysis and Ethnology” Revisited: Foucault’s Historicization of History (pages 31–46)
Amy Allen

Commentary on Amy Allen’s “‘Psychoanalysis and Ethnology Revisited’: Foucault’s Historicization of History” (pages 47–50)
Jasmine Wallace

Toward Abolitionist Genealogy (pages 51–77)
Andrew Dilts

Specters of Sovereignty: Comments on Andrew Dilts’ “Toward Abolitionist Genealogy” (pages 78–85)
B. Tamsin Kimoto

The Genealogy of Abstractive Practices (pages 86–97)
Mary Beth Mader

Abstraction and the Method of Genealogy (pages 98–102)
Jordan Liz

Conceptual Analysis for Genealogical Philosophy: How to Study the History of Practices after Foucault and Wittgenstein (pages 103–121)
Colin Koopman

Comments on Colin Koopman, “Conceptual Analysis for Genealogical Philosophy: How to Study the History of Practices after Foucault and Wittgenstein” (pages 122–125)
James E. Zubko Jr.

The Morality of Corporate Persons (pages 126–148)
Ladelle McWhorter

Response to Ladelle McWhorter, “The Morality of Corporate Persons” (pages 149–152)
Shouta Brown

Foucault and Shakespeare: Ceremony, Theatre, Politics (pages 153–172)
Stuart Elden

The Modern Drama of coup d’État and Systems of Discipline: Foucault and Political Ceremony (pages 173–179)
Bilge Akbalik

When is the Time of Revolution? Critical Reflections on Political Insurgency (pages 180–199)
Kevin Olson

Polyrhythms of Revolution: A Comment on Kevin Olson’s “When is the Time of Revolution?” (pages 200–208)

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