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Akbalik, B.
The modern drama of coup d’etat and systems of discipline: Foucault and political ceremony
(2017) Southern Journal of Philosophy, 55, pp. 173-179.

DOI: 10.1111/sjp.12232

The objective of my comments is to draw attention to the complex relationship between the juridico-political model of sovereignty and disciplinary power in Foucault’s work. I suggest that Elden’s reading of Foucault and Shakespeare opens up new ways to understand contemporary forms of governmentality through a genealogy of political ceremony and theatricality. More specifically, my comments seek to show that an examination of the ceremoniality of coup d’Etat in connection with what Foucault calls the “democratization of sovereignty” is potentially fruitful for examining modern forms of the government of civil society and counterconduct. © 2017, University of Memphis, Department of Philosophy. All rights reserved.

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