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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

[Editor: This is probably one of the most out there pieces of merchandise on Foucault I have come across to date. If the pop up notifications of sales of other celebrity candles is any indication this site is doing a roaring trade]

Michel Foucault Prayer Candle
This is the perfect addition to any Foucault fan’s life.
8″ x 2″ traditional prayer candle $US24

Fragrance Free

Kitschup Creations Celebrity Prayer candles and more …
Welcome to Kitschup Creations

We are a Kansas City based business that makes celebrity and pop culture prayer candles. We also love making custom candles for that saint in your life . We are small but mighty. Our designs are like no other. We take pride in our work and we will work with you to customize the best design for your candle . We truly believe the devil is in the details …

We are most definitely dreamers and artist that want to make people laugh and go “What the HELL? ” . We appreciate your support and hope our candles bring a smile to your face.

We also do more than just candles. We will be featuring some great limited edition Items like jewelry, pillows, umbrellas.. that we will feature now and then on our site. If you see something you like from our limited editions you better grab it, cause once its gone, it’s gone .

2 thoughts on “Michel Foucault prayer candle (2017)

  1. Wendy Scott says:

    Kitschup Creations thanks you for sharing my Foucault prayer candle .. i appreciate the shout out . much love,Wendy Scott owner/designer


    1. Clare O'Farrell says:

      That’s an absolute pleasure Wendy. Keep up the good work!


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