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Rodden, J.
The Intellectual Species: Evolution or Extinction?
(2017) Society, 54 (4), pp. 352-354.

DOI: 10.1007/s12115-017-0151-8

John Rodden summarizes the thrust of his work on modern intellectual life, the theme of which is that the uncertain future of the “intellectual species“ warrants extended attention because it is inextricably tied to the ultimate fate of the critical intellectual itself. He presents himself as an aspirant to membership in the tradition of the literary-political intellectual represented by such writers as George Orwell, Albert Camus, Lionel Trilling, and Irving Howe. Their example confronts him with the question around which his own writings orbit, as the title of his essay poses it: “The Intellectual Species: Evolution or Extinction. © 2017, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Author Keywords
“egghead” intellectual; “loose-fish” intellectual; Alfred Kazin; Dwight Macdonald; Ellen Willis; Ernst Bloch; George Orwell; George Scialabba; Irving Howe; John Lukacs; Karl Mannheim; Lewis Feuer; Lionel Trilling; Maureen Corrigan; Michel Foucault; Michelle Goldberg; Neal Gabler; public intellectual; Rick Perlstein; Robert Havemann; Scott McLemee

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