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mediumAnother piece of Foucault from the archive was published last year – Michel Foucault, ‘Homère, les récits, l’éducation, les discours‘ edited by Martin Rueff in NRF. Apparently these notes date from the drafting of The Archaeology of Knowledge.

I’ve ordered a copy of this issue, but I found the reference just by chance – I’m wondering if there is a composite list of recently published short pieces by Foucault. My own piece, ‘The Uncollected Foucault‘ appeared in Foucault Studies in 2015 (open access), and was an attempt at a comprehensive list, but it’s already eighteen months out of date. I have a Google Scholar alert but it didn’t pick this one up. There was also an interesting piece on literature and madness in Critique last year. Is anyone else keeping track of new pieces of evidence?

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