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Power Is Everywhere songs on texts by Foucault by Kurt Rohde

Left Coast Chamber Ensemble Presents Francophilia
Tuesday, May 30 2017, 7:30-9:30pm | 50 Oak St
Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Complementing its foray into the French sound, Left Coast is proud to present the world premiere of Power Is Everywhere songs on texts by Foucault by celebrated American composer Kurt Rohde. “I find the writings and lectures of the groundbreaking thinker Michel Foucault to be direct, anything but simple, and yet always so clear,” said Rohde. “This new work is an assemblage of various writings and lectures, all in English. The singer is the observer, actor, and deliverer of the message; she is not there to simply sing the text – she is there to instigate the way the music unfolds.” Rohde’s piece is influenced by a confluence of operatic works, song cycles and theater. “It is not supposed to be any of those all the time. It is OK if it seems like it is from time to time,” the composer explains. “The power of how we think a voice is supposed to be used in song was a big part of how I wrote this piece – trying to be direct and clear, but not simple.”

This concert is repeated on Thursday, June 1 at the Berkeley Piano Club.

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