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Dowd, J.
Moments that matter: Educational entanglements and ecologies of action
(2017) Review of Communication, 17 (1), pp. 3-17.

DOI: 10.1080/15358593.2016.1260761

In this article, I argue that “the freedom to make and remake our cities and ourselves” is intimately entangled with processes of education. To understand this relationship, we need to articulate more fully the role and state of teaching and learning both within and outside of academe. I argue that education allows for a negotiation of one’s relationship within broader ecologies of action, which comprise constellations of power (and their correlate ideologies), discourses, bodies, material sites, and practices. More specifically, I elucidate three primary ways that education might serve as a powerful mode of tactical resistance to the deleterious effects of neoliberalist regimes and their exclusionary agendas: (1) research and rejuvenated public intellectualism; (2) understanding teaching as the nurturing of capacities rather than as a conduit for information transfer; and (3) centering education on the cultivation of a learning mode.2 © 2016 National Communication Association.

Author Keywords
Democracy; Education; Foucault; Lefebvre; Resistance; Urban society

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