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tippetRandell-Moon, Holly, Tippet, Ryan (Eds.) Security, Race, Biopower. Essays on Technology and Corporeality, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

This book explores how technologies of media, medicine, law and governance enable and constrain the mobility of bodies within geographies of space and race. Each chapter describes and critiques the ways in which contemporary technologies produce citizens according to their statistical risk or value in an atmosphere of generalised security, both in relation to categories of race, and within the new possibilities for locating and managing bodies in space. The topics covered include: drone warfare, the global distribution of HIV-prevention drugs, racial profiling in airports, Indigenous sovereignty, consumer lifestyle apps and their ecological and labour costs, and anti-aging therapies.

Security, Race, Biopower makes innovative contributions to multiple disciplines and identifies emerging social and political concerns with security, race and risk that invite further scholarly attention. It will be of great interest to scholars and students in disciplinary fields including Media and Communication, Geography, Science and Technology Studies, Political Science and Sociology.

Table of contents (10 chapters)

Death by Metadata: The Bioinformationalisation of Life and the Transliteration of Algorithms to Flesh
Pugliese, Joseph

Of Bodies, Borders, and Barebacking: The Geocorpographies of HIV
Pocius, Joshua

Body, Crown, Territory: Geocorpographies of the British Monarchy and White Settler Sovereignty
Randell-Moon, Holly

What Are You Doing Here? The Politics of Race and Belonging at the Airport
Kamaloni, Sunshine M.

Corporate Geocorpographies: Surveillance and Social Media Expansion
Tippet, Ryan

Everyday Modulation: Dataism, Health Apps, and the Production of Self-Knowledge
Nicholls, Brett

Invisible Bodies and Forgotten Spaces: Materiality, Toxicity, and Labour in Digital Ecologies
Taffel, Sy

Domesticating Drone Technologies: Commercialisation, Banalisation, and Reconfiguring ‘Ways of Seeing’
Phan, Thao (et al.)

The Somatechnics of Desire and the Biopolitics of Ageing
Fletcher, David-Jack

Securing Sovereignty: Private Property, Indigenous Resistance, and the Rhetoric of Housing
Kramer, Jillian

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