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seymourChildren’s Spatialities: Embodiment, Emotion and Agency
Editors: Seymour, Julie, Hackett, Abigail, Procter, Lisa (Eds.)
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

This book as the foreword states ‘takes up Foucault’s challenge to “examine the critical power of space and place in being and becoming of children’s lives’.

Drawing from a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, architecture and geography, and international contributors, this volume offers both students and scholars with an interest in the interdisciplinary study of childhood a range of ways of thinking spatially about children’s lives.

Table of contents (11 chapters)
Introduction: Spatial Perspectives and Childhood Studies
Hackett, Abigail (et al.)
Pages 1-17

Knowing the World Through Your Body: Children’s Sensory Experiences and Making of Place
Mackley, Kerstin Leder (et al.)
Pages 21-38

The Place of Time in Children’s Being
Curtis, Elizabeth
Pages 39-53

Making the ‘Here’ and ‘Now’: Rethinking Children’s Digital Photography with Deleuzian Concepts
Sakr, Mona (et al.)
Pages 54-74

Children’s Embodied Entanglement and Production of Space in a Museum
Hackett, Abigail
Pages 75-92

Children’s Emotional Geographies: Politics of Difference and Practices of Engagement
Blazek, Matej
Pages 95-111

Reconceptualising Children’s Play: Exploring the Connections Between Spaces, Practices and Emotional Moods
Karoff, Helle Skovbjerg
Pages 112-127

‘No, You’ve Done It Once!’: Children’s Expression of Emotion and Their School-Based Place-Making Practices
Procter, Lisa
Pages 128-143

Approaches to Children’s Spatial Agency: Reviewing Actors, Agents and Families
Seymour, Julie
Pages 147-162

Children and Young People’s Spatial Agency
Woolley, Helen
Pages 163-177

A Proper Place for a Proper Childhood? Children’s Spatiality in a Play Centre
Satta, Caterina
Pages 178-197

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