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de-valkde Valk, Mark (Ed.) Screening the Tortured Body. The Cinema as Scaffold, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

Inspired by Michel Foucault’s examination of state subjugation and control, this book considers post-structuralist notions of the ‘political technology of the body’ and ‘the spectacle of the scaffold’ as a means to analyse cinematic representations of politically-motivated persecution and bodily repression. Through a critique of sovereign power and its application of punishment ‘for transgressions against the state’, the collected works, herein, assess the polticised-body via a range of cinematic perspectives. Imagery, character construction and narrative devices are examined in their account of hegemonic-sanctioned torture and suppression as a means to a political outcome. Screening The Tortured Body: The Cinema as Scaffold elicits philosophical and cultural accounts of the ‘retrained’ body to deliberate on a range of politicised films and filmmakers whose narratives and mise-en-scène techniques critique corporeal subjugation by authoritarian factions.

Table of contents – ebook links

Tortured Spectators: Massacred and Mucosal
MacCormack, Patricia
Pages 9-24

Torture Porn: The American Sadistic Disposition in the Post-9/11 Horror Genre
Kerner, Aaron
Pages 25-49

Discipline… But Punish!: Foucault, Agamben and Torture Porn’s Thanotopolitical Scaffold
Aldana-Reyes, Xavier
Pages 51-69

The Expectational Body: The Becoming of the Tortured Vampire Horde in Daybreakers
Bacon, Simon
Pages 71-88

An Apology for French Torturers: L’Ennemi intime (2007)
Wallenbrock, Nicole Beth
Pages 89-108

The Ideological Purpose of Torture: Artur London’s Nightmare of Reality in L’Aveu/The Confession (Costa-Gavras, 1970)
Hayward, Susan
Pages 111-132

Mr. Stone Goes to Washington: JFK 2.4
Valk, Mark
Pages 133-157

There’s No Geneva Convention Here: Torture in Three Films Set in World War II
Turim, Maureen
Pages 159-174

Modes of Silence and Resistance: Chilean Documentary and Gendered Torture
DiGiovanni, Lisa
Pages 177-206

Torture Documentaries and Taxi to the Dark Side (Alex Gibney, 2007)
Lesage, Julia
Pages 207-237

Zero Dark Thirty: A Filmmaker’s Notion
Anderson, Larra
Pages 239-263

Hypermediacy, Embodiment and Spectatorship in Brian de Palma’s
Fagan, Calvin
Pages 265-279

Enemy of the State: Framing the Political Assassin
O’Sullivan, Shane
Pages 281-317

‘She’s a Killer,’ ‘The Image of the Women of Zero Dark Thirty’
Olkowski, Dorothea
Pages 319-336

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