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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Editor of Foucault News: I have just set up an email list for people located in Brisbane and South East Queensland (Australia) with an interest in Foucault’s work.

People applying Foucault’s work span a broad range of disciplinary areas and are often working in relative isolation from others with similar interests. The aim of this email list is to facilitate local contact amongst those with an interest in Foucault’s work.

If you located in Brisbane and South East Queensland and are interested in being a member of the list, please email me (Clare O’Farrell) with your details: your institutional affiliation (if you have one) and location.

Material posted to the list by anyone who is a member of the list might include:

• notices of local seminars, reading groups and other Foucault related events
• notices about visitors to Brisbane with an interest in Foucault’s work
• notices about the availability of, or requests for, casual academic work (eg marking assignments with Foucault content)
• discussion or questions about aspects of Foucault’s work
• invitations and requests to collaborate on projects
• anything related to Foucault’s work in some way

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