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Weisgerber, C., Butler, S.H.
Curating the Soul: Foucault’s concept of hupomnemata and the digital technology of self-care
(2016) Information Communication and Society, 19 (10), pp. 1340-1355.

DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2015.1088882

This paper explores how online actions such as the practice of digital self-writing shape our offline identity. We start with an examination of the concept of hupomnemata – a practice of self-writing in which notes are kept as a ‘material record of things read, heard, or thought’ in the intent of shaping the self [Foucault (1997). Self writing. In P. Rabinow (Ed.), Ethics, subjectivity and truth. The essential works of Foucault, 1954–1984. Volume 1 (pp. 207–222). New York, NY: The New Press p. 209] – before arguing that the practice of digital content curation can be understood as a modern-day variant of the Greco-Roman hupomnemata. Although the work of the digital curator is conducted online, this paper positions contemporary curatorial practices as acts of self-exploration, self-cultivation, and self-care, which nourish offline identity and which ultimately work to shape the offline, corporeal self. © 2015 Taylor & Francis.

Author Keywords
digital curation; Hupomnemata; identity

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