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Anders Fogh Jensen, Foucault – Systems of Thought – Systems of Management and Governance (2013)

Foucault – Systems of Thought: Systems of Management and Governance.
Danish philosopher Anders Fogh Jensen guides us through some of the primary issues in the philosophy of Michel Foucault (1926-84). Anders demonstrates that, to Foucault, the history of the systems of thought and the systems of governance – the history of how we think and how we think about governance – are one and the same. He also shows how Foucault is an extension of both Kant and Nietzsche in a history of how the categories of the sciences and thought change throughout time, and how knowledge, built on the categories of a certain time, is also always entangled in power. This explanation is about how punitive discipline functions, and finally also a suggestion of how the post-disciplinary society can be understood as a Project Society.
This lecture is based on Anders Fogh Jensen’s book “Mellem ting – Foucaults filosofi” (“In Between Things – The Philosophy of Foucault”). You can read the first chapters here:

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